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Toddler Left Alone: Mother, hotel both have troubled pasts

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EAST RIDGE, TN. (WRCB) -- Sharon Hussey is beyond angry, upon hearing that her 20-year-old niece, Angela Deville, is charged with child neglect and abuse.

"I never thought she would do that," Hussey says. "I don't like her. But I love her, and I would have taken those kids and I would have taken care of those kids."

East Ridge Police arrested Deville overnight Thursday after she returned to the Superior Creek Lodge motel.

Another motel guest called them, after Deville's 3-year-old son had called his room, crying, and saying she had left him there alone. Officers say the room reeked of human feces, spoiled or rotted food and dirty diapers.

"Adrian (the little boy) is her oldest," Hussey says. "But she also has a little girl, 14 months old, and she has another on the way."

Channel 3 has been unable to reach Deville. She made bond shortly after the Hamilton County Detention Center took her mug shot.

"She's not allowed here,"  her friend and former roommate, 'Ashley', tells us, when we visit the mobile home in Ringgold that Deville listed as her last home address.

Hussey raised Deville and her younger sister.

"I don't think she should have been released," she says.

Police say it's unclear how long Deville had been staying in Superior Creek Lodge, or why.

"How did she pay the bills? Her body," Hussey says.  "You asked."

"At one point she may have been working as an exotic dancer," East Ridge Police CPL Eric Hopkins says. "But I'm not sure now."

East Ridge Police are sure that this incident will add to their town's ongoing court battle to declare Superior Creek Lodge a nuisance.

"We've hade a variety of calls, from standard 911 medical emergencies to shootings and stabbings," CPL Hopkins says. "We've had meth arrests too."

The case file, from complaints to responses from the owners, Superior Creek Lodge II LLC, now runs more than 370 pages.

"We know it's not a 5-star establishment," the owners' attorney, Jerry Summers, tells Channel 3.

The owners and East Ridge agreed to extend a 'remediation agreement' in March.

"They've put up a fence, a security gate, and installed cameras," Summers says. "They want to be cooperative, but they're not babysitters."

Hamilton County Criminal Court Judge Rebecca Stern is set to review the remediation order September 25.

"I think they (the motel managers) should have realized something was going on," Hussey says.

Police believe the conditions found in Deville's room didn't develop overnight. But they also concede that tenants are responsible for their own housekeeping.

"There may be more charges," CPL Hopkins says.  "Either against the mother (Deville) or whoever was providing her transportation to and from the motel."

Deville is due in East Ridge Municipal Court Tuesday.

Police confirm that her son is in state custody.  Hussey says his younger sister is too.

"I'd like to get custody, but living in Catoosa County, it's hard," Hussey says.

"Angela, I love you. And you know I love you, and the kids need someone to love them, while you get yourself right, instead of being in there with strangers, they don't know."

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