EAST RIDGE, TN. (WRCB) -- Part of an East Ridge motel is shut down Friday night, because of bed bugs.

Code enforcement officers were called to Days Inn on Ringgold Road to deal with the infestation.

It wasn't long before they found other violations.

Going from room to room, code enforcement officers found more reason to shut down the Days Inn on Ringgold Road.

"I'm glad I'm not staying in it," says Charles Lane.

"I think it's awful," Jean Smith says. "Scares me, I don't want any bed bugs."

"It seems like they would do something about it, but they are hard to get rid of," Lisa Picca says. "I don't know how they're going to get rid of it."

Health and safety officials found an infestation of bed bugs in room 217.

Room checks turned up other issues.

"Smoke alarms that were not activated or were missing," East Ridge Police Spokesman Erik Hopkins says.

The front building was condemned. Guests were moved to other rooms on the property.

But the investigation isn't over.

The Fire Marshal's Office wants to make sure all rooms are up to code.

"They've been given a 10-day remediation plan, to remediate the bed bugs at the property," Hopkins says.

Days Inn staff told Channel 3 no comment when we called about the code violations.

Code enforcement officers plan to return Monday to broaden their inspection.

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