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Clean-up continues after days of rain

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A window of dry weather Friday gives crews a chance to do more clean-up, after four days of storms and heavy rains.

Flash flooding Tuesday forced debris to clog sewer grates and catch basins, resulting in high water at several intersections.

"There is nothing we can do to prevent that," says Danny Grier, Manager of Water Quality Operations for the Chattanooga Public Works Department.

He says rainfall rates of two to three inches per hour are simply too much for the system too handle. Some overflow is inevitable.

"When that happens, it's impossible for the system to take on that amount of water and that creates a lot of flooding," says Grier.

The flooding hasn't been widespread, but confined to a few trouble spots downtown and on the south side in St. Elmo.

Grier says it's not a design flaw, it simply is what it is. Even if he knows there's heavy rain in the forecast, it's often a waiting game to get to the affected areas.

"By the time we get to them or are able to respond to them, 90% of the time the water has already receded by the time we get there,"explains Grier.

This leaves piles of brush and trash to be scraped away before Mother Natures decides to blanket us with more wet weather, stopping up the system once again.

Although inspections of grates and catch basins are routine, Grier says the quickest way to get a problem cleaned up in your neighborhood is to place a call, by dialing three easy digits.

"Notify us through 3-1-1," Grier suggests. "Then we'll have a pretty quick response time to try to get those removed and get those opened back up."

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