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Continuing Coverage: Murder trial deliberations to resume Friday

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)  --  Thursday marked day three in Jamaal Byrd's murder trial. He's accused of shooting and killing Terrance Etchison on February 27, 2010. The jury heard from a defense witness who testified Etchison verbally abused Byrd the night of the shooting.

Edward McCullin doesn't know any of the parties involved, but he was there the night of the shooting. Surveillance video shows him walk into the Kanku's convenience store on Wilcox Boulevard minutes before Etchison was gunned down in the parking lot.

The defense argues what he witnessed inside the store proves Byrd had a reason to fear for his life.

"What did you hear this man say," the defense asked pointing at Etchison.

"I heard him say that he would kill another guy," McCullin replied.  

A forensic pathologist with the Hamilton County Medical Examiner's Office earlier testified Etchison's blood alcohol level was .13, nearly twice the legal driving limit. McCullin went on to say he heard the same threat from Etchison again in the parking lot, but Byrd never said a word.

During closing arguments the state told jurors the video speaks for itself. Byrd was "calm and cold" when he walked to his trunk, picked up a gun and shot Etchison in the chest.

The defense argued there's too much doubt to convict Byrd of murder and all of the state's witnesses are bias against Byrd.

In the end, the jury will have the final say.

The trail recessed at 5 p.m. Thursday. The jury will continue deliberating Friday.


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