CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- An elderly woman, whose roof collapsed under the weight of this week's heavy rains, is getting some help.

Moments after Channel 3 told Barbara Pride's story Wednesday, our phones started to ring.

"My air went out. My sister died. This happened with the ceiling and I could go on and on. It hurts my head to even talk about it," says Pride.

She has been through a lot. Just back from her sister's funeral, she came home to find yet another part of her roof caving in.

"Well, I've had different people call who want to help me," says Pride.

Travis Yeagely is one of those people. He stopped by Thursday to put temporary plastic underneath the shingles.

"I think, reaching out to your neighbors is really important," says Yeagely.

Travis is just one of three men who are jumping in to help Barbara fix her leaking roof.

"The rolls of shingle paper were just torn off, completely torn off. Which isn't hard, there were four nails in this one panel here," says Yeagely.

"I've been the person, I've never asked for anything before," says Pride.

"She has a good spirit about her. She's resilient," says Yeagely. 

He says he will do what he can to make her situation right.

"The material isn't worth salvaging. Even so, something else needs to be done. It needs to have a more permanent fix. And hopefully I can at least supply that, the labor and the and the hands to get that done."

"Now, I'm beginning to think that somebody cares. Because I've been where I thought no body cares about the elderly people," says Pride.

Volunteers have tried to fix Barbara's roof before, to no avail.

Teaming up with Travis is a pastor from LaFayette, who says he will supply the materials and another Chattanooga man, who says he will provide metal roofing and the labor.