CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A gaping hole is now in the roof of Barbara Pride's Chattanooga home, after rain pounded the Tennessee Valley this week.

Tuesday night, she walked to the back room and found a mess in her kitchen and the floors in her bedroom were soaked.

Outside you can see how last week's winds ripped pieces of the roof off and after the rain, it caved in.

She's had her roof worked on twice by a local church after a plea for help earlier this year.

The pastor of the church says off camera it costs about $2,000 for the materials for repairs and he unfortunately can't afford a third time around.

"Yesterday when it rained, all of the ceiling fell in even in places where they didn't do work," Pride says. "The water was flowing like Niagara Falls in my kitchen. My house was flooded."

As rain continues to fall, Pride fears another round will only make the roof issue worse.

She says homeowners insurance isn't an option for a fix, she doesn't have any.

Living on a fixed income doesn't help the problem either.

"I don't have enough money to buy the cover to keep the rain out. It's going to rain again," Pride says.

As far as immediate help, organizations like Habitat For Humanity and Promise Keepers have long waiting lists and usually require nearly a year's notice.

Pride is hopeful neighbors can help her get a tarp in the short term before visiting family comes to town.

There are some government programs that give community grants or loans to senior citizens.

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