CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- "Someone is going to get killed sooner or later," says Dwey Smartt.  

Smartt is a resident on Glenwood Drive, the most recent scene of an accident where a car hit a home.

Smartt says it's an issue that has been going on for awhile, especially when it rains.

"I had a tree sitting right here in the yard. It was hit about eight times and finally just couldn't take anymore and it fell," Smartt says.  

Smartt has lived on the curvy road for 17 years. While Channel 3's cameras where on the scene of a crash next door Wednesday morning, another accident nearly happened in front of his home.

Despite curve warning signs, residents say every home on the curve has been hit by a speeding car at least once.  

"Something definitely needs to be done," says resident, Cathroyn Key.  

The city's Traffic Engineer Department tells channel 3 accidents on that block averaged two per year from 2006 to 2010. Five of them were between a vehicle and fixed object like a pole, a tree or a house.

Key says she watched a vehicle overturn as it tried to drive around the curve.

"We have a great concern about the traffic on this street. At this point we are frightened and we hope and pray that there is something within their power that they can do to prevent this," she says.

"The city needs to set radar up and make them slow down," says Smartt.

Channel 3 reached out to District 9 Councilman Peter Murphy.

He's currently out of town but says he's going to host a meeting with the Traffic Engineering Department and the residents on Glenwood Drive in the coming weeks.