CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- The much needed rain created some problems downtown Tuesday.

Nearly two inches of rain fell every hour, flooding streets, cars and bringing down trees.

After weeks of dry heat, Mother Nature opened the flood gates, turning streets into waterways.

"I can remember it flooding the back lot back in the 60s," John Brown says. "I don't ever remember it being like this out here."

Car salesman John Brown watched his competitors at Mountain View Ford scramble.

"They thought the rain wasn't going to be that bad," Brown says. "They got a late start and it didn't work out too well for them."

"It can do some damage," he says. "You've got intakes that are below the car that can suck water up into the engine. And of course, if it gets above the door seals, it will eventually get in the car itself."

Fire trucks blocked traffic on East 20th Street as employees moved cars to higher ground.

It was too late for the driver of one van.

"She hollered for 911, I'm sure, and they came after her," Brown says.

The tone changed closer to town, as Chattanoogans welcomed the rain.

"We don't see this back home," Angie Stambaugh says. "It was definitely needed."

"We need this rain because it has been too hot, too hot," Deborah Wood says.

Even John Brown, who lost a day of sales, is keeping a sunny outlook.

"It slows today down, but tomorrow will be great," Brown says.

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