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Highway 27 project angers surrounding residents

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- The headache from the U.S. 27 construction in Chattanooga is really starting to pound for a lot of people.

Work just recently started on the north side of the highway, around the Manning Street exit.

There are cones, detours and contractors taking up the area, making a lot of noise.

It's all part of TDOT's multi-million dollar project.

There are about a dozen homes along Houser Street, which intersects with the Manning Street exit. People living there say the dust, vibrations and constant noise is becoming too much to deal with.

"It's just not fair to me, and it's not fair to my neighbors," says Houser Street resident, Stephanie Horn.
Stephanie Horn says living conditions are much worse now that construction is also going on at the Manning Street exit.

"The biggest problem that I've noticed is the vibrations coming from whatever they're doing over here," Horn says. "It has literally been making me sick to my stomach."

Neighbor Candy Lockhart says the noise is especially troublesome for her special needs daughter.

"She has sensory issues and the noise scares her," says Lockhart.

And she claims the dust is messing with another daughter's medical condition.

"My oldest daughter has asthma and all the dust in the area from the construction really bothers her," Lockhart says. "So, I have to take her inside when it gets really dusty because she starts coughing."

Tuesday, Channel 3 took the residents' complaints to TDOT.

"We can speak with our contractor and ensure that they keep the dust down by placing water over the dust," says TDOT Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn.

They say they're doing the best they can, but say it's hard to control the nuisance because of the large scope of the project.

"There'll be a lot of pile driving for the retaining walls, excavation going on, and bridge construction," Flynn says. "So, it may get a little worse before it gets better."

They'll be dealing with it for a while. This project is on the books until October of 2014.

"I don't have the means to move," Houser says.

Some also say they're concerned about vibrations messing with the structure of their homes.

TDOT did check each home around the site for stability before the project started.

They also want people concerned about a mudslide to know they have measures in place and are keeping a close eye on erosion to keep that from happening.

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