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Walker County Animal Shelter delays reopening

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WALKER COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)- It will be a couple more days before the Walker County Animal Shelter can reopen.

Concerns about parvo put the shelter on quarantine earlier this month. It was expected to reopen Monday.

Shelter workers say they wanted to take every precaution and asked for a state inspection.

The director wants everybody to know her shelter is safe.

"This the first time ever, we have ever had to quarantine," says Alison Smith.

Walker County Animal Shelter Director Alison Smith says for this first time in the six years she has worked there, she was forced to shut the shelter down.

"We don't know where the virus may have landed. And so we are just going above and beyond, to make sure we stop this at our gates and not send it out."

Earlier this month, the shelter took in two litters of puppies. A puppy from each litter died and all signs point to the highly contagious canine virus, parvo.

"The fact that they died so suddenly, without our having an opportunity to see, 'Hey, these guys aren't feeling good'," says Smith.

Since then, workers have been sanitizing the place from top to bottom, using pressure washers and a variety of chemicals.

"Right now, it's clean. Let me tell you, it's clean! It's really clean. I'd eat off the floor, it's that clean!"

Workers are even sanitizing the parking lot and just to make sure they are doing a thorough job, they called in a state inspector.

"When there was so much confusion and conflict with community over why we chose to quarantine, we decided to get back up from the state," says Smith.

Smith says the whole situation was preventable.

"When people say they love animals, show me," she says.

She says the two contaminated litters were not properly vaccinated.

"When these six-month-old puppies came in, they ought to have been finished and come in with a rabies certificate and they didn't. The little three-month-old puppies, the litter of three, ought to have had at least two sets of shots, if not three. They would not have been sick," says Smith.

Since the quarantine, Smith says no other animals at the shelter have shown any signs of being sick.

The state inspector gave the shelter the green light to re-open.

It will be back in business Wednesday, July 11.

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