CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB - As the outage numbers are coming down, thousands still waiting for power say conditions are miserable in this heat. And, it's not just people struggling without air conditioning, so are animals.

Hundreds in the Red Bank area alone are still without power. That includes the Pet Placement Center, where nearly 100 hundred animals await adoption in the heat. Workers are doing their best to keep them safe.

"It's getting a little sweltering in there today," Pet Placement Center Executive Director Kerry Moyers-Horton said.

The dog pins are empty inside the Pet Placement Center along Dayton Blvd.

"Normally we bring the dogs in during the hottest part of the day and keep them inside, but right now, actually with the wind, it's a little cooler outside for them," Moyers-Horton said.

No air conditioning means workers have to take extra precautions to keep the 70 cats and 23 dogs from overheating.

"All dogs have baby pools outside and we have plenty of ice. Everybody is getting ice in their water," Moyers-Horton said.

They're storing the vaccines in volunteers' refrigerators and they bought a generator and some box fans Saturday afternoon.

"I called the electric power board this morning and they really can't give me an ETA, which I understand," Moyers-Horton said.

EPB crews are working around the clock, but say it could still be Sunday or Monday before everyone's power is back. Day two of the heat has patience is wearing thin for some.

"EPB, hurry up! As you see, I'm sweating and drenching, it's probably 100 degrees right now," Wilford Blowe said.

Wilford Blowe lives near the Pet Placement Center on Old Dayton Pike, where several trees took out power lines in Thursday night's wind storm.

"This wire that's hanging, I'm guessing that's where we're messing up," Blowe said.

His family is spending the night with friends because they say it's just too uncomfortable without power.

"It's a little warm now. The air is starting to get a bit stale," Blowe said.

Everyone-- with two and four legs-- hoping they're next on the list.

"Everybody hope for the power to come back on soon," Moyers-Horton said.

The Pet Placement Center is looking for volunteers to help with efforts to keep the animals cool. They say the heat is also making it a lot smellier than usual and need help cleaning. They say it would help to even have people do their laundry at home and drop it back off.

Again, it could be Sunday or Monday before everyone's power is back.