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Thursday storm pounds North Georgia

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MURRAY COUNTY, GA (WRCB)- The same wall of wind that pounded Tennessee, did its fair share of damage in North Georgia.

One look at Chatsworth and you see there is plenty of clean up to do, with power lines down and trees toppled.

"There was this huge gust of wind blowing sticks around. Like totally blowing everything.," says 8-year-old Boaz Whealy.

Boaz was outside with his dad, when the gust front came barreling toward their house on Cherokee Street.

"Dad was so close to getting hit with one of the limbs that fell off that tree back there," says Boaz. "The storm door over there. It shattered. The glass shattered. Not even like one second that had happened, that tree just up-rooted and blew over just like that."

"No sooner did we get inside and that tree just fell right down on the house. It's amazing," says his dad, Blaine Whealy.

A giant oak tree came crashing down on the side of the home, hitting part of the covered porch.

"Wow. I can't believe this just happened. I have never seen anything like this in the five and half years I've lived here. It," says Boaz.

"It shifted the house and so some doors are sticking inside and stuff like that. But nothing came through and endangered us. So we're thankful and blessed," says Blaine.

"Our trampoline was right over, under those branches. It got smushed," says Boaz.

Boaz says he will miss the old tree.

"I was just pretty upset. I was upset that my tree crashed," he says.

"We're probably going to be leaving for about a week, just to make sure that somebody can come out, assure the structural stability of the house before we move back in," says Blaine.

He is just glad everyone is okay.

"thankful," he says. "We were very blessed and can't say it enough. thanks to god we're standing here laughing about it."

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