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Families struggle with power outages mixed with heat

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HIXSON, TN. (WRCB) -- EPB officials say Hixson had the most downed power lines, with 147 spots hit. They say it could be a few days before everyone has power back. Some families say that estimate seems like an eternity in this heat.

"They get hot really easy anyway and being without power sucks. If they holler we're hungry, we're thirsty, where's the cartoons," Longview Dr. resident Cassie Lovato says.

The Lovato's are packing into their pool to stay cool and running extension cords from the neighbors house.

"Only thing we got is the fan," Longview Dr. Resident Michael Wolfe says.

Expectant mom Danida Dukes says keeping her kids and herself hydrated is her number one job.

"I'm just drinking a lot of water. Especially being pregnant, I dehydrate really fast," Lower Mill Rd. Resident Danida Dukes says.

"Really hot because our upstairs just traps the heat," Crestview Dr. Resident Jodie Manning says.

Some say it's too much to bare and are staying with family. Others are heading to the store to get prepped for the wait.

"Go buy generators and try to keep everything you have with ice that you already have and then if nothing else, buy ice before it's all sold out," Lower Mill Rd. Resident Robert Ferguson says.

Robert Ferguson is doing anything he can think of, because conditions so far have him on edge.

"I just quit smoking yesterday. I still had six cigarettes but seeing what all I've been through, it's pretty good," Ferguson says.

Residents know the outages are widespread, so say they're just praying they're next on the list to be restored.

"I'm hoping we're not put low on the list from just having seven houses right here," Manning says.

Crews are working around the clock to restore power. They want to stress if you have a downed power line in your neighborhood, don't touch it, just call EPB and report it.

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