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Doctors Taking A Stand Against Sitting

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Lisa Christian says she has always tried to lead a healthy life, but often finds that life gets in the way. Like millions of us, almost as soon as she gets up in the morning, Lisa finds herself sitting right back down.

Lisa Christian, Ph.D. Says "I sit all day at the office, I commute to and from work like a lot of people and with a two year old I have even less time to try to get formal workouts."

So Lisa has found a more informal way to workout, by doing it at work. In the corner of her office Lisa has a treadmill desk, which allows her to keep walking. And in doing so, doctors say Lisa is bucking an unhealthy trend.

Dr. Anup Kanodia says We're sitting more and more and more. The average person now went from standing 90% to standing 35% of their day.

And Dr.Anup Konodia says the simple act of sitting is leading to some serious complications.

Dr. Anup Kanodia says "excessive sitting increases your risk of heart disease 30%. We've found that insulin works 40% less. And that means that more and more fat gets put into the body"

In fact, studies show those who are obese sit an average of two and a half hours a day more than those who aren't and excessive sitting may be to blame for a rise in lower back pain. The good news is walking just five minutes each hour at work burns ten pounds a year. And even if walking isn't possible, standing is preferable.

Dr. Anup Kanodia, Ohio State says "we burn about 100 calories an hour. Now if we would just go to standing, we would burn 150 calories, so 50% higher."

It's advice Dr. Kanodia not only gives his patients, but follows himself.

Doctors say sitting too long can even increase your cholesterol. They've found an enzyme in the body that converts bad cholesterol into good, drops 95% if you sit too long.

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