DAYTON, TN. (WRCB)- The driver involved in a deadly motorcycle crash in Rhea County, is speaking out for the first time saying he feels the finger has been pointed at him.

The accident happened over Memorial Day weekend in Dayton. Larry Hammons was turning left across Highway 27 when a motorcycle hit him head on, killing the driver and passenger.

The family of 67-year-old Larry Hammons says the accident has impacted him both mentally and physically. While they too mourn the loss of those in the accident, they say the crash report shows Larry did nothing wrong.

"When we talk to Larry we hear him tell us about the re-enactment and actually living it again and seeing the motorcycle and the bodies hit the windshield," says Tom McCahan.

McCahan says this last month has been tough for his brother-in-law Larry Hammons.

"At night I think about. At night I wake up from nightmares, over the wreck. It's just been stressful," says Hammons.

Hammons does not talk much, but he clearly remembers what happened at the intersection of Highway 27 and Black Oak Ridge Road on May 26th.

"The turn signal turned green. And the intersection was clear and I made my turn and they ran it and the motorcycle ran into me," says Hammons.

On the motorcycle was driver Todd Tuckier and his passenger Penny Ely. Both were killed.

Larry is still making hospital visits for soreness and headaches.

"Every place my brother's gone, it's been sort of like, whisperers, that's the guy who did it. That kind of thing. And we want the community to know the other side of the story," says McCahan.

"You feel strange, people looking at you, like they think you did something wrong," says Hammons.

That day members of the Defiant motorcycle crew were on a police escorted ride.

The crash report says "at least seven motorcycles were exceeding the posted speed limit in an effort to catch back up to the main group of riders being assisted."

Dayton Police reviewed video surveillance from nearby businesses, determining Tuckier "disregarded the red lighted traffic signal at the intersection."

The report goes on to say "the reconstructed speed of vehicle #1 (Tuckier's bike) was determined to be a minimum of 70 to 73 miles per hour prior to impact."

"We would like to reach out to the families of those that have lost loved ones in this," says McCahan.

He says they are mourning with them.

"I feel, I feel terrible for them. That's all I can say. I just feel real bad for the families," says Hammons.

As a part of the investigation, the District Attorney General's Office reviewed all the evidence from the crash.

And District Attorney General Mike Taylor has determined Hammons should not face any charges.