CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Our quest to fight crime doesn't take a break on holidays.

On this Fourth of July night, we're looking for two men who broke into an East Brainerd business.

It's almost closing time at Champion Cleaners on Hickory Valley Road on the evening of Tuesday, May 29. 

The two clerks are going about their business when two hooded men rush in, and they're up to no good. 

One clerk is quickly out of the way, and the other is ordered to hand over some cash. 

Chattanooga Police Department Officer Daniel Jones picks up the story from there.

"She opened the cash register; he actually escorted her back to the corner and told the two ladies to stand there," Officer Jones says. "The other one grabbed all of the cash out of the register."

Jones says the men were out the door in just minutes.

One of the men was brandishing a black, semi-automatic handgun. 

The frightened clerks cooperated, and thankfully no one was hurt. 

Although the surveillance video above clearly captures the hold-up from start to finish, but it's not so easy to identify the two men.  Officers are hoping you can pick up something from their walk, their clothing or their mannerisms.  

"Both of them are 6 feet to 6'2" black males, thin build, one with blue workout pants, the other with a gray T-shirt," Jones describes.

If you know anything about this hold up at Champion Cleaners, it's time to get guys like this off the streets.

Pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.

You could earn a cash reward and as always, a police officer may answer the phone but will never ask your name.