LAFAYETTE, GA. (WRCB) -- A north Georgia woman faces felony charges for cashing in on another woman's death.

Lafayette Police say 22-year-old Amber Mitchell stole more than $2,000 in jewelry and checks from the dead grandmother of a city worker.

Chief Bengie Clift says Mitchell was friends with a family member and that's how she got into the house.

Clift says theft is as common in Lafayette as in any other city, but it's not always the dead who are the victims.

He says Mitchell had her eyes on the jewelry. The checks were a bonus grab.

"It was happenstance," says Lafayette Police Chief Bengie Clift.

But it wasn't a smart move, when Mitchell cashed the checks.

"She did us a favor and cashed the checks in town," says Chief Clift.

The city employee who takes care of the estate noticed the cashed checks and immediately called police.

Detectives then called the number on the checks and Mitchell answered the phone. After a few questions, the chief says she confessed to everything.

Neighbors who knew the victim's family say Mitchell should have made better choices.

"I'm sad for the girl that did it," says Gertrude Isreal, a neighbor.

Amber Mitchell has been charged with two felonies for forgery and theft by taking.