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After the Storm: Camp Joy's "Extreme Makeover" slowing down

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HARRISON, TN. (WRCB)  --  Slowly but surely Camp Joy's Extreme Makeover is taking shape, just not as fast as organizers had hoped. 

A large portion of the historic camp was leveled in the March 2nd tornado.   

"There's just not enough time to do all that," says Project Manager Rick Thurman.  

He says damage from the tornado is costing close to $4 million and that's no where near what they budgeted to rebuild it.

"Insurance was not enough to replace everything," says Thurman. "We're probably approaching three quarters of a million dollars already." 

The camp relies on volunteers. Armed with gloves and chainsaws, they do what they can.

"Just knowing that I helped someone's personal experience and that someone is going to have a great time here because of something I did really is all I need because that's a really great thought," says Thomas, a volunteer.  

They're a part of a group called the Sun Servants and travel around the globe to lend a helping hand. But even with their help, organizers fear it isn't enough.

"The truth of the matter is unless we continue to get the help and we get a lot more, we won't be able to continue on," says Camp Manager Zachary White.  

The nine week summer camp hosts up to 200 kids every week.

This year will be different. Organizers plan to have a day camp, but hope more volunteers and donations will move the rebuild forward.

"We're just going to pay as we go and get it all taken care of," says Thurman.  

"We do need help. We're unable to do it ourselves. We've been working at it the past 3 months now," White says.

Click here to make a donation or volunteer.


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