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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Washer warranty woes solved

(WRCB)- A North Georgia woman says she has had enough with her broken down washing machine and has been going around in circles with the extended warranty company. Fed up, she called '3 On Your Side' for help.

Cyndi Brundege says her Bosch washer has been going berserk.

"Anybody would look at that and say that's a lemon," she says.

The violent noise is just the tip of the iceberg. This week her clothes got stuck in the machine when the door would not open.

"As you can see the mildew, that was starting to form after being locked for three days. And it stinks!"

Cyndi and her husband bought the washer back in 2010 and six months later it started falling apart.

"Right after everything gets fixed, something else is broken," she says.

The tub had to be replaced, the bearings and shocks, the motor and the locking door.

They bought a five year extended warranty through the company 'New Customer Services Companies.' It contracts out the repair service with its choice to make repairs.

"We haven't been getting receipts for the service calls. They don't leave receipts," says Jamie Brundege.

The couple says repairmen have looked at the machine at least six times, one time getting slapped with a $132 bill because, according to them, "nothing was wrong with it."

"We were under the impression that when you have a warranty, you don't have to pay anything," says Cyndi.

She has called the warranty company multiple times to complain.

It does have a 'lemon policy,' but to be a lemon, the same part on the washer has to be replaced three times.

"I got a call back saying we don't qualify for a new washer and I never even asked for a new washer. I just asked for it to be fixed," says Cyndi.

"It just sounds like there's pre-determined decision to just fight it at any cost," says Jamie.

"I have literally cried and yelled and cried and yelled through this whole thing. And I even cried the one day and somebody said, 'I can't help you, but I'll listen.'"

Channel 3 heard back from the warranty company.@

It released a statement saying: "We are very concerned about Ms. Brundege's experience and are thoroughly investigating our repair vendors and internal processes to ensure that this does not happen again. We are a company that stands behind our product and are always committed to ensuring customers' complete satisfaction with our services. Ms. Brundege will receive full reimbursement for her washer as well as reimbursement for additional out-of-pocket repair costs the customer paid."


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