CHATTANOGA (WRCB) -- With triple digit temperatures expected to continue the next few days, finding local places to go to get out of the house and still stay cool can be fun.

Pin Strikes in Chattanooga is the place to be on such a scorching afternoon, for parents and kids alike.

"The parents, they can come relax, let the kids have free reign. Run about. Do the arcade. Whatever they want to do," says Pin Strikes manager, Scott Proesch.

And with free bowling offers for the kids all summer long, they have a great time being spared from the heat. Eight-year-old Luke Keown agrees. He's been pretty active outside.

"I've got a lot of ball games because I made the all-star team. It's good to get away from all that ball," says Luke.

Judi Parsley and her two girls are regulars at the alleys. They can be seen knocking down pins almost every day while school's out.

"I like to bowl mostly. It's actually fun beating my mom sometimes," jokes Tennessa Parsley.

But with air conditioning at home, why leave to take even one step into the pressure cooker outside to get to the fun? For Judi, it's about keeping her sanity as well as staying cool.

"Three months of summer vacation keeping a six-year-old and an 11-year-old in the house. No! We'll come bowling," exclaims Parsley.

Other people like Lauren Delaney take a different route, finding themselves at a mall to beat the heat.

"I guess just to come and hang out with my friends. Maybe get a smoothie at Smoothie King or something," says Delaney.

Brittany Stephenson is new to the Tennessee Valley. She came from Ringgold, Georgia to find somewhere fun to escape the outdoor inferno.

"Me and my daughter like to get out sometimes. Some fresh air. Walk around. Hopefully meet some new people," explains Stephenson.

She also hopes to find a good sale.

"Mostly to get some clothes," says Stephenson as she laughs.

Another place to consider beating the heat if you don't want to stay at home is a movie theater. Go see a film the old fashioned way.

Also, consider going to a local attraction like the Tennessee Aquarium or the Hunter Museum.

If you want a free option, visit a library and read a book or magazine you haven't experienced yet. You can enjoy it in the comfort of the cool climate.