CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - The first thing Chattanooga Police Officer Daniel Jones said to us for this week's case was, "I think this individual knew this business." A good supposition because the thief broke into a catering business and made off with electronics.

Who does that?

It was early morning, May 16th at The Catering Companies, LLC. The business is among a number of others off Lee Highway, down around The Car Barn.

This thug's method of entry is familiar.  "We found that the front door had been knocked out with a large brick," said Off. Jones. "The door was actually open."

Night-vision cameras caught the criminal's actions. Surveillance video shows him heading for the front office.  "It seems like that this suspect knew exactly where to go and where he was going," Off. Jones said. "And what he was doing just seems to tell us it may be someone that either possibly worked there before, and/or someone who has been a customer there before."

Appearing dressed for an Arctic expedition of some sort, he did a pretty good job disguising himself. You see the thief wears a toboggan, gloves, and a hoodie or parka. The best description police can offer is that he is a black male with a large build and weighs somewhere between 200 and 240 pounds.

Hard to recognize: yes. But, as Jones reminds us, "Individuals that do stuff like that, they usually turn around and they brag about it.  And so, they'll turn around ND they'll say to someone else, 'Saw myself on the news and yeah, you know, they didn't get me.'"

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