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3 ON SIDE: Apison family left homeless more than a year after the storm

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- More than a year has passed and an Apison family, hit by last year's storm, is still homeless.

The Crowden family has a house, but it's been lying in pieces, waiting for a moving company to do the job it was hired to do.

The Crowdens called 3 On Your Side, desperate for help and a night under one roof.

"We just want the work done, so we can get our lives back together," Shari Crowden says.

Fourteen months after a tornado took her Apison home, Shari Crowden and her family are still homeless.

"Since that day we haven't got to even stay under the same roof together," she says.

A Good Samaritan donated a house, but it was up to Crowdens to have it moved to their property.

The foundation has been poured. The home has been moved, but more than eight months have passed and the job is still not finished.

"He'll promise us something and then not even call or show up when he says he's going to," Shari says.

Crowden called Channel 3 when she couldn't get in touch with Donald Payne, the mover she hired and paid up front.

We called several times, and found Payne on the jobsite Wednesday.

"I got busy and tied up," Payne says. "I told them when I took the job I'd have to work it in. The price I gave them was to help them. There's no profit in this particular project."

Payne says he's done 30 jobs of this kind since the storm, and he hopes to have the Crowdens' home put back together by the end of the week.

"It's cool to see it finally coming together," says Nathan, Shari's son.

But Shari Crowden worries it may be too little too late. It will be left to the family to finish the inside of the home.

"After the tornado, everyone came together and said, ‘we'll help you do this, we'll help you do that'," she says. "And they would have but now it's over a year later and we wonder what resources do we have?"

According to the Better Business Bureau's web site, Donald Payne's company has an F-rating.

The BBB sites complaints about problems with service and products.

For local business reviews or to file complaints, you can visit the BBB web site by clicking here.

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