CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - A Catoosa County high school student faces possible plastic surgery after being viciously attacked while at summer school. The boy and his family want the bully responsible to be expelled.

Sixteen-year-old Ringgold High School student Noah Pike says he never saw the attack coming and now has multiple injuries all over his head and face.

The Ringgold Police Department is pressing charges against his 15-year-old attacker, who faces possible expulsion from school.

"This boy just steps out in front of me. I can't exactly remember what he says after he hit me. But he just wails on me and after that I just saw white. I was out," says Noah.

Pike says he was on a 15 minute break at summer school at Ringgold High, hanging out in the hallway, when he says a fellow student attacked him.

Paramedics and police had to be called to the school.

"He hit me a good 14 to 15 times. I guess my head hit the locker too where I got the staples in my head," says Noah.

On top of the staples in his head, his jaw is fractured, bruises cover his face, his bottom teeth are chipped and his nose is shattered.

He was taken to the hospital.

"Worst case scenario, plastic surgery to redo the bone in his nose," says Noah's dad Warren McAllister.

Noah's dad is irate, recounting what the 15-year-old accused attacker told his wife at the school.

"He said, 'Well, I hit him once and I couldn't stop.' He told her, told my wife that out of his own mouth," says McAllister.

Noah says he has had issue with the student before, and with bullying in general.

"I've had an issue with this guy before on the bus occasionally, running his mouth there. And occasionally tripping me as I tried to get off the bus," says Noah.

Noah and his family have gone to the administration.

"Basically all the school tells you is 'Try to stay away from him. Try to keep your distance'. But that just don't work," says Noah.

His dad admits, Noah has been in trouble before for fighting.

"But he was defending himself each time. And they, the principal, they know that."

He says this ambush attack was unwarranted and wants the student kicked out of school.

"He could have killed my son just as easy as beating him down and putting him in the hospital," says McAllister.

"I just hope he gets what he deserves from doing all this. And I get through this as well," says Noah.

Noah's family has hired an attorney. 

Ringgold High Principal Sharon Vaughn issued a statement reading in part: "My heart breaks for the victim of this assault. He has a unique situation, and our teachers check in with him frequently. He had not reported any problems with the aggressor. If we had been aware of this situation, we would have separated the students immediately."

She goes on, saying, "Violence will not be tolerated at my school. The aggressor in this situation is suspended from our schools pending a disciplinary tribunal when we return to school in September. We will seek maximum discipline at the school level."