COLD SPRING, TN (WRCB) -- A sinkhole is getting bigger, threatening a main highway in Bledsoe County...and the sinkhole on Highway 127 is attracting spectators.

At 23 feet deep, geologists say the sides are unstable and the hole could still be growing.

Sam Williams, a geologist for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, spent the afternoon surveying the damage.

He believes the property owner is safe, but worries the sinkhole could take part of the highway with it.

"There does appear to be an underground stream or cave at the bottom of it, and it does appear to be flowing back toward the road," said Williams, "so, we do want to get a repair started as quick as we can."

TDOT crews have roped off the area, and plan to fill the hole possibly Monday.

For now Highway 127 is open to drivers.