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Spooling Allows Anglers to Reach New Depths

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CHATTANOOG (WRCB) - Deep diving crankbaits are very effective baits for finding and catching bass on deep offshore structure during the summer months for most bass anglers.

The problem lies in when bass are found in water deeper than 20 feet. Most deep diving crankbaits will not reach this depth on a standard cast and retrieve technique and are not effective at these depths.

Some anglers have adapted to overcome this problem with a technique called Spooling. Spooling allows anglers to present a crankbait to fish that are located in deeper water than can be reached by traditional methods.

Spooling or Long - Lining is not a new technique, but recently received national attention after Jeremy Starks won the Bassmaster Elite Series on Douglas Lake in May.

Using this technique anglers make a long cast with a crankbait and then free spool more line from their reel with the use of their trolling motor. After moving over 100 yards away from their bait they will stop the boat and begin their retrieve allowing them to reach greater depths than were attainable on a normal cast.

There is obviously potential for a gray area to exist using this technique if an angler is using the power of the trolling motor, or the outboard engine to pull their bait. This would be considered trolling and is prohibited in Bass Tournaments.

A few of the Bassmaster Elite series anglers have expressed their opinions on this technique being used in Bass Tournaments.

Rick Clunn says, "I was not using the Strolling technique that the top several anglers used. I applaud their creativity even though I am sure it is going to create a lot of interesting conversation. "Necessity is certainly the mother of invention."

Mark Davis says, "Competitive angling has reached another dilima. Is Strolling or Long Lining (As some prefer to call it) a proper technique? In my opinion, it is not – and this is why……Trolling is not allowed in Professional Tournaments but Strolling is getting a diving crankbait to depths not obtainable by a conventional cast."

Some tournaments are allowing Spooling while some are not - check with your individual tournament director for clarification on their ruling.

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