CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB)  --  Drug agents took over the Primary Care and Pain Clinic on Airpark Dr. Tuesday morning. Officers tell Channel 3 they had enough evidence of a pill mill and served a federal warrant to search the building.

Area business owners say they began to notice a lot of activity at the pain clinic around Oct. of last year. Many of the patients were from out of town, including John Hatley.

"I pulled up there and they yanked me out of my truck," Hatley says.

Hatley tells Channel 3 the doctors at the pain clinic prescribed him oxycodone and morphine for his pain. He was a patient there for the last five months.  

"I need my medication you know. I've got scoliosis and a couple other things you know," Hatley says. "Trying not to D-T."

Along with the DEA and the TBI, Chattanooga police and deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office spent all day Tuesday searching the clinic and building their investigation into a federal case.

Other patients we spoke to say the clinic didn't take cash and recently stopped taking cashier checks.

Tuesday's arrests were not in connection with the pill mill. Police ran checks on all the patients and hauled off those with outstanding warrants.

Luckily, Hatley was not one of them. "I guess, got to find another doctor so I'm on cold turkey," says Hatley.

Officers say arrests are expected but since it's a federal case they want to take every effort to make sure the investigation is solid.