CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Jim Cofer and John Ramsey caught 21.66 lbs. in the Shriners Bass Tournament on Lake Chickamauga to take first place and a check for $3,500.  This event was held on Saturday, June 16th, out of Chester Frost Park.  Cofer and Ramsey also won big fish honors with a 7.36 lb. largemouth.

The Shriners of Chattanooga is one of the many chapters all over the United States, Canada and Mexico that together spend 2 million dollars a day for hospital services for children with serious injuries and deformities.

Proceeds from this event went to the Shriners General Operating Fund.

The fish caught in this event were released back into the waters of Lake Chickamauga. 

The top 10 results of the bass tournament are as follows:

  • 1st - Jim Cofer & John Ramsey with 21.66 lbs.
  • 2nd - Wesley Headrick & Rod Swallows with 20.65 lbs.
  • 3rd - Ron Willerson & Scott Gilley with 20.33 lbs.
  • 4th - James Milling & Buddy Groves with 19.39 lbs.
  • 5th - Mark Kinsey & Scott Schauwecker with 18.77 lbs.
  • 6th - Allen Lewis & Jeff Reed with 17.23 lbs.
  • 7th - Logan Kokoszha & Anthony Courel with 17.05 lbs.
  • 8th - Martin Smith & Kevin Peden with 16.83 lbs.
  • 9th - Kevin Burnette & Chad Reel with 16.76 lbs.
  • 10th - Billy Joe Wheat & Chuck Keltch with 16.06 lbs.