HIXSON, TN (WRCB) -- The manager of a popular Hixson barbecue restaurant has responded strongly to a recent low-scoring inspection from the Hamilton County Health Department.

"We would like all customers to know there were absolutely, positively no violations with the preparation or handling of any of the food items, nor were there any violations of cleanliness," said manager Stephanie Wilbanks.

"All violations were considered cosmetic," she added. "The only issue with food at all was for sour cream having surface temperature four degrees higher than required.  This was taken care of immediately."

Wilbanks provided a detailed list of the inspection violations and how the restaurant staff responded to each one.

1. Cigarette butts on north side of building. 

"We sweep the parking lot several times a day to try to keep this from happening."

2. Rear door to outside propped open and not closing properly. 

"The back door is in the process of being replaced at this time because the door will not automatically close on its own.  As far as the door being propped open we do not leave our doors open unless we are taking out trash or a vender is delivering an order."

3. Dining room carpet stained. 

"We have the carpet cleaned every 4 – 6 weeks to keep stains down. The carpet was last cleaned on April 12th and scheduled to be cleaned again on May 24th.  The inspection took place on May 23rd."

4. Unlabeled chemicals next to insecticide. 

"The chemicals that were considered unlabeled were in spray bottles that the sharpie marker was unreadable.  The insecticide was a can of wasp spray.  We threw the wasp spray out and rewrote the labels on all bottles."

5. Napkins on the floor in stockroom. 

"The napkins were in an unopened box that had been delivered that day and had not yet been put away."

6. Unshielded lights in stockroom. 

"We have covered all uncovered lights with plastic covering in all stock rooms."

7. No thermometer in refrigerator in wait station.

"We have several refrigerators and coolers that all have thermometers in them.  We did not know one was missing we replaced it as soon as it was brought to our attention."

8. Cutting boards scarred. 

"We change out cutting boards on a regular basis to try to keep cut marks down."

9. Grease receptacle dirty and grease on grease pad. 

"We have a maintenance man that pressure washes the grease traps and dumpsters on Saturdays.  The grease trap had been emptied that morning and the company that emptied it had spilled some grease.  The company has provided with a letter stating this to be true."