CLEVELAND (WRCB) -- Detectives in Cleveland are re-opening a murder case that has gone unsolved for more than two decades.

Stacy Dillon was shot to death in March of 1991. Now police hope new technology will help crack the case.

No one is more hopeful than Dillon's mother, who has spent the last 21 years looking for answers.
"I said, ‘Stacy, I love you and I'll see you later', and he said, ‘okay momma, I love you, too'," Judy Dillon recalls. "And that was our last words."

It's been 21 years and Judy Dillon can still remember the last time she heard her son's voice.

"I would look at him and I would think, I can't believe I've raised a boy that's turned out to be this nice," she says.

"I just can't imagine why anybody would do that to him," Dillon says.

On March 17, 1991, Judy, who was recovering from knee surgery, returned home from her sister's house to find her son had been shot in the head.

Newspaper records show Stacy Dillon had been dead for several days.

Judy says Stacy's co-worker was a person of interest, but no arrests were made.

"I'd rather went with him than to go through the misery," says Dillon.

"We can still put someone in jail for it and hopefully we do," Cleveland Police Spokeswoman Evie West.

Now two decades later, the Cleveland Police department has reopened the case, hoping evidence taken from the scene will lead them to Stacy's killer with the help of new technology.

"We are going to see if, with that advanced technology, if we are able to life prints or find DNA that was at the scene," West says.

Judy Dillon is encouraged her son's killer will be found.

"But if it don't, they have really made my day that they still remember Stacy at the police department," she says.

And just as she did all those years ago, Judy hopes anyone who can help, will.

"Please come forward, because anyone that could do that to someone as innocent as I knew Stacy to be, could do it to someone else," she says.

Cleveland detectives have submitted evidence taken from the scene to the TBI Crime Lab.

Results could take some time.

Detectives will make a determination if there is enough evidence to convict a suspect when the results come back.

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