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Cancer Fighting Foods

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The fight against cancer starts in your local grocery store.

Pam Kelle, Chattanooga Food Coach says "As science progresses, we are seeing more and more of a link between the power and potency of food as ways to prevent cancer or prevent a re occurrence of cancer."

Pam Kelle is a registered dietitian. She took us grocery shopping. The first stop. The produce section.

Pam Kelle says "It is the most important part of the grocery store."

Pam says the produce department is where you should spend most of your time. Look for bright vibrant colors.

Pam Kelle says "We know those anti oxidants that are available through food are the ones that protect us against cancer, stop the growth of cancer cells, or build immune system so cancer doesn't have a chance to start in the first place."

And when it comes to frozen foods.

Pam Kelle says "You can look for broccoli, squash, soybeans, things you many not be able to find in your fresh produce section."

And when it comes to beverages, you've heard it before, but nutritionists like Pam say it's all about making sure you drink plenty of water. Some other things to consider are green teas and pomegranate juice.

Pam Kelle says "The truth is our body is made to detox."

Pam Kelle says "The easier its broken down, the easier it's digested, the better off we're going to be."

And for parents of young children, you know what can be one of the toughest areas to navigate. Pam says you don't have to totally do away with sweetened cereals.

Pam Kelle says "That can be an occasional food, they use as a dessert, but not a substitute for a breakfast food."

While there is no magic pill or cure when it comes to fighting cancer or preventing it from re-occurring, making smart choices at the grocery store certainly gives you a better chance to stay healthy.


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