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Update: All Together for Austin: "Take what God gives you today"

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LAFAYETTE, GA. (WRCB) -- Doctors have given 15-year-old Austin Whitten a one percent chance of walking again.

He broke his neck Saturday while doing a belly flop in a friend's pool.

Wednesday night classmates, teachers, friends, and even strangers filled the stands at Lafayette High School to pray for a miracle.

Hundreds of people turned out, all for Austin.

There's no question where 15-yr-old Austin Whitten gets his power, or if he shares it.

"As Austin's dad, I knew he was a good kid and I knew he was a good Christian boy, but I never dreamed he had this much impact on the community and that makes a dad feel good," says Brian Whitten, Austin's dad.

Wednesday night is all about Austin, after the rising sophomore football player dove into a swimming pool, breaking his neck.

"He stood up for everybody else before, so this is our chance to stand up for him," Senior Jaci Story says.

"It wasn't us just wanting to just do it, it was everybody needing to come together," Sophomore Ashley Bedford says.

Hundreds gathered to pray for Austin to walk again and raise money to help the family cover his treatment.

"It's just unbelievable, the support," says Austin's dad, Brian.

Austin's dad says his son is scared, but his spirits are up.

At 6'5" and about 240 pounds, Austin was in peak physical condition at the time of his accident.

And just as important, his dad says Austin is spiritually strong.

"He knows this is for a reason, he really does," he says. "And if it's for some lost soul to come to know Jesus, Austin would say it would be worth it."

And while Austin couldn't be there to see the support, his dad is sure of what he would say if he was.

"You're not promised tomorrow," he says. "Take what God gives you today. Really, I think that's what he'd say."

Once Austin's condition stabilizes, he will likely go through rehab at Shepherd Spinal Cord Injury Center in Atlanta.

Siskin, in Chattanooga, is also an option.

Therapy will be expensive.

Donations from the rally totaled $18,000.  A fund is set up at the bank of Lafayette.

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