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World War II vet gets most of his stolen items back

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TRACY CITY, TN (WRCB) -- We first brought you Hershel Curtis's story on Monday. Over the weekend someone ransacked his house and robbed him blind.

Adding insult to injury we've learned his great grandson was arrested for the crime.

Most of his belongings have been returned to Mr. Curtis. Everything except a flat screen TV and his car, which was found in a lake.

The big question: why would anyone do this to a relative, much less a 95-year-old World War II veteran?

"Well it hurts to think anyone would do that to my daddy, but it hurts even worse because it was his great grandson," said Hershel's daughter Jean Kilgore.

Kilgore learned Tuesday night it was her own kin who robbed her father.

Police arrested Hershel's great grandson Josh Lee Curtis. He admitted to taking Herschel's wallet, a TV, his guns and even his car.

"He's been through so much, you'd think his last time here would be peaceful with no troubles," said Kilgore.

Even stranger, Josh dumped everything he stole. The gun was found in the woods outside Hershel's home and police found his 2011 Ford Focus at the bottom of a nearby lake.

"To think he would just drive the car off in a lake. What did he do it for?"

Hershel and Jean admit they barely knew Josh and neither can think of a motive.

Tracy City Police Chief Daniel Chisam has his own opinion. "Personally I think the boy was on drugs. I don't know other than that, it's kinfolk and it's sorry to hear."

Hershel, who has already changed the locks, says at the very least he'll sleep easier knowing the bad guy is behind bars. "That takes the pressure off of me, I was thinking they might come back. Now I know who to look for."

Josh Curtis is facing charges of aggravated robbery, vandalism and theft over $10,000. Tracy City Police worked closely with the Grundy County Sheriff's Department to bring Joshua Curtis to justice.

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