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UPDATE: Dade shooting 911 calls released

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DADE COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- On a call to 911, you can hear the moments, just after an intruder shot 49-year-old Joey Vaughn.

Operator: "Dade County 911. What's your emergency?"

Vaughn: "Yes, I just came to my house and someone shot me."

Operator: "They shot you?"

Vaughn: "Yes."

Dade County investigators say this happened just after Vaughn stopped by his house to check the mail. As he reached for the back door, a man opened it and then opened fire.

Vaughn: "They were in my house. I went to walk in and they ran out and just shot me."

The burglar ran into a cemetery nearby and then into the woods.

Sure, home burglaries happen all the time, but the sheriff says the shooting looks random.

Sheriff Patrick Cannon says, "We have had break-ins in the past, but we haven't seen where the suspect just shoots the homeowner."

The shooter got away in a minivan and is still on the run.

Vaughn tells the operator he is scared to look at his wound.

Operator: "Are you hurt pretty bad?

Vaughn: "I don't think so, but my arm is numb. They shot me under my arm. I am scared to look at it, to be quite honest."

Investigators say Vaughn was shot at a distance between three and five feet, which can be instantly fatal in some cases. But the sheriff says the bullet only grazed him.

Vaughn says it all happened so fast, he didn't know what hit him.

Operator: "Did you see what kind of gun it was?

Vaughn: "Um no."

Operator: "Okay. We are going to get someone down there to help you, okay?"

Vaughn has been released from the hospital.

The shooter is still on the run and was last seen in a blue, late-model minivan. He's considered armed and dangerous.

Call the Dade County Sheriff's Office at 706-657-3233 if you have any information.

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