TRACY CITY, TN. (WRCB) - A 95-year-old World War II veteran woke up to find his home had been broken into. Among the many belongings taken were his wallet, shotgun and near brand new car.

Hershel Curtis says it all happened while he was sleeping Saturday night in his Tracy City home. Now he says worse than being out thousands of dollars worth of items, is the fear it's put in him.

Military honors adorn Hershel Curtis' Tracy City home. He's a twice wounded WWII veteran who's well known in the community. He says he's never felt uneasy here until now.

"I didn't know what to do," Hershel Curtis says.

He woke up Sunday morning to an open window he'd left unlocked, so an air conditioner could be installed. His eyes darted around spotting one valuable after another gone.

"Television gone. Looked by my front door, my shotgun was gone. I looked outside and my car was gone," Curtis says.

Tire tracks in the grass show where someone drove away in his 2011 Ford Focus full of electronics, tools, weapons, and Hershel's wallet full of checks, credit cards and personal documents, like his social security card.

"I'm hoping they find it and who done it," Curtis says.

"They're lower than a snake's belly, anybody who would do an old man like that. There's nothing too hard a punishment for them to get," Curtis' daughter, Jean Kilgore says.

Kilgore rushed over, terrified her 95-year-old dad was hurt. While an intruder did open his bedroom door, she's thankful he slept through the whole thing and wasn't touched.

"Things can be replaced, but he can never be replaced," Kilgore says.

They figure it's more than one thief, thinking one person wouldn't be able to climb through the high window, or carry the big screen television without a partner. They also suspect it's people Hershel knows.

"It had to be somebody that knew where things were," Kilgore says.

"They knew that window was unlocked," Curtis says.

Now he's scared they'll come back and prays they're caught before that happens.

"I'd sure feel better," Curtis says.

Grundy County investigators did find Hershel's hunting license on the side of the road in Coalmont.

You're asked to call the sheriff's office if you spot Hershel's 2011 red Ford Focus with Tennessee tags: 3DD2080.