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Neighbors help family escape burning East Lake house

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB)- An East Lake family is safe thanks to quick-thinking neighbors and bystanders. The family's Dodds Avenue home caught fire Sunday afternoon.

The family narrowly escaped danger. A man living in the house says he and his loved ones are thankful for the strangers that saved their lives.

"Man, it was like straight adrenaline, really," says neighbor Shane Keller.

Neighbors and bystanders say they knew they had to do something when they saw heavy black smoke coming from a home on Dodds Avenue.

"I look out the front door, man, and I see smoke coming out around their air conditioner," says Keller.

Keller was across the street with his friend Waylon Holloway.

"I just worried who was on the inside of it," says Holloway.

"all I could think is, 'What if there's kids in the house?'"

At the same time, Renee Horne was driving down the street, stopped her car and called 911. All of them jumped into action.

"I looked in the windows and seen there was kids in there. I kicked the door in, grabbed the kids and run out," says Holloway.

"It blew the door off. Like the flames blew the door off," says Keller.

"I told them in Spanish, 'The house is on fire! Y'all need to get out,'" says Horne.

"They was kind of scared. They didn't know what was going on. They didn't even know the house was on fire," says Holloway.

"He grabbed the kids and I was getting all the grown-ups out of the house," says Keller.

"I took the little girl and her brother off to the side and when it started smoking and everything started exploding, I took them further on out," says Horne.

The trio was able to help everyone out of the house safely, about 10 people in all, including a young baby.

"All I can think is the Lord was really watching over them. I mean, if it weren't for the Lord or God, I don't think they'd be alive right now," says Horne.

Along with the family, firefighters thank them for their help.

"As long as their life's not in danger, they need to be really careful doing things like that. But if they got people out, it really worked out very well, and they got the people out and that's what matters. Nobody got hurt," says Chattanooga Fire Department Captain Tally Glover.

The American Red Cross is assisting the family. The father living in the house says he thinks the fire started in the air conditioning unit but the official cause is still under investigation.


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