WHITWELL, TN. (WRCB) -- A Marion County woman stopped a home invasion dead in its tracks.

Kaitie Easterly watched an unwelcome visitor breaking into her home, and immediately called Whitwell police.

Response time is everything and in this case it proved true again.

Easterly says there's no telling what would have happened if the cops hadn't arrived to her home within minutes.

A quite Whitwell morning turned upside down. Kaitie Easterly is home alone with a man banging on her front door, trying to get it.

"He wouldn't leave. He had been there for about five minutes, that's when I called Officer Ramsey. I told him, 'there's a man knocking and beating on my door and he won't leave'," says Easterly.

With her heart racing, Kaitie grabbed a bat and stood next to the door. The bad guy tried to pick the lock.

"That's when I saw him sticking a credit card in the door, trying to pop the lock. So I called Officer Ramsey again and asked if he could hurry," says Kaitie.

After trying and failing to gain entrance through the front door the bad guy left the porch and at that instant, Officer Brett Ramsey showed up.

Officer Ramsey says, "Just hurry and get there, your adrenaline is going, you're not thinking about anything else, just get there as quick as possible."

Officer Ramsey took Zackery Jeffrees down in the lawn and Whitwell Police Chief Rodney Easterly (Kaitie's cousin) arrived seconds later to arrest Justin Bynum, who was hiding in the car with brass knuckles and two ounces of pot.

From the first call to the time in handcuffs, Kaitie says it was under four minutes.

Kaitie says, "If Officer Ramsey didn't get there as fast as he did, there's no telling what would have happened."

After the two were in cuffs, reality hit Kaitie when she realized the sliding back door was open the whole time.

"The what if, is the scary part of it. It's not something you think about living in a small town. I just left the back door open to let the dog run in and out. From now on, door shut and locked. Lesson learned," says Kaitie.