DALTON, GA. (WRCB) -- Three years ago, Trey Davis had his left leg amputated from his ankle down. That didn't slow him down. He's been picking up speed as a competitive swimmer.

Born with a bone deficiency, by 11 years old his left leg was more than six inches shorter than his right leg.

Doctors wouldn't let him play sports. When he wore his special shoes, kids called him names. Less than three years later, Trey who has remained positive through it all, is one of the nation's top amputee swimmers.

"When I swim it's to show people that things can happen in life but there's no point in backing down. Just go through it," says Trey.

Or swim through it. 

A bone deficiency left Davis with no choice but to amputate his left leg from the ankle down. The surgery was a blessing in disguise. Some call it a disability but Davis says it gave him ability.

"I wanted to be there with my friends and do the things they could do. I can do anything they do better or right there with them," says Davis.

Nine months after the surgery, Davis was playing basketball and football for the first time. Shortly after, he took to the water. And now Davis has a new goal: the 2012 Paralympics in London.

Trey says, "Probably be the greatest feeling you could ever get, just to carry the country on my back."

After missing the US 50-meter backstroke qualifying time by two-tenths of a second last month, he has two chances left to qualify for next month's US Paralympic Trials.

While Davis trains to make a worldwide impact, his drive and passion is already wearing off on his younger brother Ross.

"I look up to him because I want to be like him. It shows me like, he has a bunch of confidence in himself. He's not like, I don't care. He actually goes out there and tries," says Ross.

Trey adds, "Just do it and do your best no matter what. At the end of the day know that you gave it your all."

The US Paralympic Trials start July 3 in Omaha, Nebraska.