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Cars stolen from Lafayette car lot, pushed off Pigeon Mtn

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LAFAYETTE, GA (WRCB) -- The Walker County Sheriff's Office is looking for a group of thieves they say broke into a Lafayette car lot, stole several vehicles and then pushed them off Pigeon Mountain for fun.

The couple who owns the small car lot says their business is devastated.

Randall and Beth Cagle opened Cagle's Used Cars 42 years ago. They didn't have insurance on the six cars that were demolished in the late night act of destruction. Now they're out around $30,000.

"I said, half our car lot is gone," Randall Cagle said.

Randall and Beth Cagle were shocked Friday morning when they pulled up to a cut chain, six missing cars and no keys to any still on the lot. "It hurts when you're a small businessman and one bad thing about it is we didn't have insurance," Cagle said.

Then some dirt bikers spotted four of the cars in the woods. They'd been pushed off Pigeon Mountain.  It is terrain so rough, the Forestry Department had to pull them out with bulldozers.

"I couldn't believe it. Who would do something like this," Cagle said.

The thieves wrote this message on the muddy hood of one: "this was too nice."

"It's got to be somebody that's got a problem because if you look at these cars, they just didn't joy ride, they destroyed the cars," Cagle said.

"Concerns me as well that we would have people in our community that would do this," Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said.

Sheriff Wilson thinks it may have been a group of six to eight teens or young adults and is offering up a $500 reward for info that leads to an arrest. That's on top of what the Cagle's call a "substantial reward" they're offering.

"This is a senseless act of burglary, theft and vandalism and we are not going to tolerate this type of behavior," Sheriff Wilson said.

The two other cars were found on the side of the road damaged, but salvageable.
As far as the keys to the others, Randall's neighbor came to him Saturday with some good news. "He said come with me there's a bunch of keys laying in the road up here. You can't sell till you got keys, so it was great," Cagle said.

But, he says there's still no way to make up for the $30,000 lost. "This is not a small thing to me. It's big," Cagle said.

Sheriff Wilson says he worries what the group is capable of doing next if this is how they're entertained. He says it's likely someone will brag about doing it and hopes someone hears that and comes forward with info.

Again, there is a reward involved for the tipster. Just call the Walker County Sheriff's Office at (706) 638-2512.

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