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Chattanooga Police fugitive roundup ride-a-long

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Chattanooga Police have been busy the last couple of days. Not only patrolling the streets, but also actively pursuing a list of fugitives. And they say tonight, many bad guys are off the street.

After a near record day when they arrested 36 fugitives they were back at it again today. The only difference Thursday was they let us ride along. It gave an inside look on the challenges officers face when tracking fugitives.
CPD Fugitive Investigator Robin Davenport led eight crews through Chattanooga on day two of this city wide fugitive round up. They set out to match Wednesday's success where they picked up 36 fugitives.

"We're not trying to cause her anymore trouble. You see the media with us today just to get some footage, they're not trying to make anyone look bad and neither are we," said Davenport.

Off to a good start, three in cuffs for violating parole or probation by 1 p.m. Davenport got Lester Hill on theft of property and altering a serial number. He says sometimes the toughest part is getting past the gate keepers.

"I need to get Lester, I gotta get Lester. You can't hold me up, I gotta get him," yelled Davenport at the door.

"You have people who throw up a smoke screen, try to delay us, or help the other person get away from us," said Davenport.

From finding the truth to dealing with children, Davenport says it's a constant battle to use good judgment, "It's a real touchy situation when there's children involved. We try to keep them feeling like we're not the bad guys. We try to befriend them, make them feel okay."

Get in and get out that's the goal. Jasmine Hammonds will post bond for failing to appear in court on driving charges and she'll be back with her children.

It's not always that easy, fortunately while we were with Davenport's crew nothing got out of hand. A few fugitives weren't home, but Davenport and his crew will track them down sooner or later.

The final statistics and involved agencies are listed below.


Arrests: 55
Gang arrests: 2
Warrants served: 80
Vehicles Seized: 2                  


Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)
U.S. Marshals Service (U.S.M.S.)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.)
Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (T.B.I.)
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office
Hamilton County 911 Communications
Hamilton County Rescue
Chattanooga Housing Authority Police
Red Bank P.D.


Okaloosa Co., Fl. S.O.
Catoosa Co., Ga. S.O.
Walker Co., Ga. S.O.
Rhea Co. S.O.
Dalton, Ga. P.D.
Chattanooga Airport Police

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