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Thieves steal tin roof from McMinn County home

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MCMINN COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- Here's a crime that might make you scratch your head: thieves steal an entire tin roof off a home, while the owner was away.

With metal on the rise, thieves are doing whatever they can to make a dollar.

"In the old days they would build a barn for everybody when they moved in the neighborhood, not catch them when they're gone and take their roof. But they did leave my kitchen sink," says Jerry Simpson.

Simpson says his weekend getaway in the woods of McMinn County has been ransacked several times since his father, who lived there, died several months ago. They've made away with everything but the kitchen sink.

The latest break-in left Simpson with no roof. The thieves unscrewed the tin roof and made a clean break.

"If people are hurting anyway they should have a little heart and not want to take anything," says Simpson.

McMinn County Chief Deputy Matt Blair says the price of metal is on the rise and thieves are taking it from wherever they can.

He says when you're dealing with a tin roof, it's hard for the scrap metal companies to know it's stolen.

"The local companies try to help us with things like that, things that look suspicious, things with identifiers, like man hole covers," Blair says. "They're gonna help us out by giving us a call."

Simpson, a construction worker himself, knows his tin could be anywhere by now. He says it's probably on another roof, after someone bought it at a discount rate.

He says the thieves profit is his loss.

The home didn't have insurance, and he's not sure what he'll do next.

"I thought about selling it before. I don't know if I'll sell it or not. I might fix it back up. I don't wanna live with my mother forever," Simpson says.

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