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Rave reviews for city's new web site

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- It's been three weeks since Chattanooga unveiled its new website, hoping to create a new image.

It comes with a price tag, expected to save citizens tens of thousands of dollars, and possibly put even more back into the local economy.

"I actually didn't even know we had a web site," Becky Gardner says.

That's the response Channel 3 received from the majority of people we talked to at Stone Cup on the NorthShore.

The new Chattanooga.gov seems to be flying under the radar but once discovered, is receiving rave reviews.

"From your first glance, you know where everything is on the web site," Daniel Ruprecht.

"There's a lot of things going on that I had no idea was even happening in this city, like bat cave canoeing." Gardner says

Whether you're looking for a bat cave canoeing adventure, dinner reservations, or trash pickup, the goal is to get you where you need to go in just one click.

It used to take up to nine clicks to reach your destination.

"I defied anyone to tell me when household hazardous waste day was, find it on the web site, because you had to go through about seven different pages and know where you were going to get to it," says Richard Beeland, spokesman for the mayor's office.

Beeland says the new web site, designed by local company Maycreate Idea Group, is 508 compliant, making it accessible to the disabled.

It's also available in nine different languages.

With a price tag of $128,000, the upgrade cost $86,000 less than the old site.

"When you're comparing apples to apples, it's a fair comparison, and we're not spending as much money," Beeland says.

Chattanooga.gov also integrates social media.

"If someone's garbage is missed, they can call 311, or tweet it to us," Beeland says. "We'll get to it that way, too."

Becky Gardner and Daniel Ruprecht say they wish they knew about the site sooner, and are already making weekend plans.

"To find something to do, a good place to eat maybe, some place we haven't been," Ruprecht says.


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