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UPDATE: Chattanooga family killed in Florida wrong way crash

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) --  Demetrius Suggs would have celebrated his 29th birthday in Chattanooga Monday.

But Mother's Day, his own mother in Chattanooga would learn that a car crash in Palm City, Florida, had taken his life, his wife's, his wife's daughter, and his own daughter.

"I'm hoping it's all a dream," Alice Suggs says. "That I call him, and tell him--come over, and let me see the baby."

"It's sad that she died trying to get to it," Demetrius' uncle, Jarvis Suggs says. "Really dying for the love of her family."

Jarvis Suggs is talking about Demetrius's daughter, 8-year-old Raneisha Powell McGee.

"They had reconnected barely two years ago," Jarvis Suggs says.

That had made life more tense with his longtime girlfriend,  now wife, Porcsha Davis. She filed assault charges against him earlier this year.  Demetrius Suggs was arrested in February.

"They had some rough times, but had pulled it together, you know," Alice Suggs.

So much so, that they and Porcsha's 7-year-old daughter, Mercedes, had left Chattanooga Friday night for Miami, to bring back Raneisha on Mother's Day, to spend the summer here.

"Maybe this is all a joke," Alice Suggs says, through tears. "He's gonna call, he's done made it home and it's all right."

But shortly before 2 o'clock Mother's Day morning, all four would be trapped in his pickup on I-95 when police say 43-year-old Carolyn Ramos, hit them head-on in her SUV.

She was driving the wrong way.

The pickup burst into flames.

Passing drivers were able to rescue Ramos. Demetrius, Porcsha, Mercedes, and Raneisha perished.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports Ramos was admitted to a nearby hospital in critical condition, but it has not provided updates.

Troopers have ordered tests for alcohol and drugs. But so far, Ramos faces no charges.

"I have forgiven her," Alice Suggs says. "Even though she did take away four lives, I have forgiven her."

"It's the Christian thing to do, it's the right thing to do. I mean, being mad at her can't bring them back."

"This woman has to live the rest of her life knowing that she took away a family," Jarvis Suggs says.

"This woman has got to live with that. And as far as I'm concerned, that's punishment enough."

Earlier story:

PALM CITY, FL (WRCB) – Three people from Chattanooga are among four people killed by a wrong-way driver in Florida.

Demetrius Suggs, 29, Porcsha Suggs, age unknown, and Mercedes Davis, 7, all of Chattanooga, along with Raneisha Powell, 9, of Miami, Florida, died after colliding with a vehicle on I-95, north of Fort Lauderdale early Sunday morning.

The Florida Highway Patrol tells the West Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV that the Jeep driven by Carolyn Ramos was traveling southbound in the northbound lanes of the Interstate.

The Suggs truck caught fire, killing all four passengers.

Passerby Barry Staley rushed to pull Ramos from the wreckage just before the Jeep burst into flames.

"I hoped that if something happened to me and my family, I would hope someone would at least give an effort and see if we're okay," Barry Staley told NBC Affiliate WPTV.

Ramos is listed in critical condition.

Investigators are trying to determine how far Ramos traveled in the northbound lanes, and whether she had been drinking.

Charges are pending.

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