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Daughter reveals hidden video, claiming lack of care at Peachtree Estates

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DALTON, GA (WRCB) -- There are new developments in allegations against an assisted living facility in Dalton. A daughter has taken matters into her own hands to make sure her father is safe.

Channel 3 has been investigating Peachtree Estates for more than a month now. We first told you about violations found by the state, including untrained staff and a dirty living environment.

We then learned the operator, Assisted Living Concepts, is accused of violating the terms of their lease. Now a judge has ruled he cannot intervene.

The latest ruling comes on behalf of the property owner, Ventas Realty, out of Illinois District Court. Ventas court filings say it does not want its name tied to ALC and it wants ALC out.

A judge says he does not want to disrupt any state investigation into ALC.

In the meantime, the daughter of a client says her hidden video shows the lack of care inside Peachtree Estates. "There's nobody up there's going to care for him like we do. So, you have to do what you have to do," says Connie Corbin.

Corbin's 75-year-old veteran father has lived at Peachtree Estates for more than a year. She says the quality of care has gone downhill. "He would be wet. His bed would be wet. One day I came in and they had made his bed up, wet," says Corbin.

Fed up, she planted a hidden camera in March, inside the room her mother pays for, to get a better idea how staff treated her father, who has Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Then she kept a log.

Video, captured in April, shows a worker coming in, poking Corbin's father, to take him to breakfast. Moments later, the worker walks off, leaving him in the bed.

Corbin says the video records huge chunks of time when staff members do not check on her father.

Staff press a button next to his bed to indicate they checked his clothes, when really, Corbin says, they just hit the button and walk off. "It's a roller coaster. You're infuriated. You're angry. You're sad. You're heart breaks for him."

In an act of desperation, she made a poster, encouraging staff to change her father more often.

Hours after she put it up, video shows a worker looking at the poster, taking a picture with her cell phone, before folding the poster up and taking it with her. "What gives them the right to remove anything, even if it did offend them?"

"The families over there have formed a bond. And it's sort of like a neighborhood watch," says Attorney Greg Kinnamon.

Kinnamon represents 25 families with loved ones at Peachtree. He says with no cook and activity director, family members take meals and clean to ensure safety. "We can't move them out because there's nowhere to go," says Kinnamon.

Corbin says she will keep recording to keep peace of mind. "That's my only way of knowing that he's taken care of," she says.

Corbin maintains, not all the staff is neglectful, and she will not check the video when she knows certain staff members are on duty. She and other family members just want better training and another company to take over.
Those family members still are not paying ALC, many relying on private help in addition to Peachtree workers.
Count on us to stay with this investigation.

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