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Contact Lenses For Children

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Like a lot of young girls, Sydnee Tallent says she's ready for contacts, problem is she's just 10 and that usually meant wearing glasses for a few more years.

Dr. Robert McGarvey says "This day and age we're able to fit as young as 8, 9, and 10."


Sydnee Tallent says "It's really awesome because when I'm doing sports, I don't have to push them up, they don't fall off, and they stay on it's really nice."

That change is due to the daily disposable contact lenses. While young patients still have to be responsible in order to prevent eye infections, doctors say they're much easier to manage.

Dr. Robert McGarvey says "When you had a contact lenses that had to last one month, maturity was a big thing because cleanliness is an issue, washing your hands before taking the lenses out, before you put lenses in, being able to disinfect and take care of the lenses was a big issue."

They take them right out of the package and put them in their eyes and at the end of the day, they throw them away.

Lisa Tallent, Sydnee's Mom says "She does it on her own, and because she can throw them away and she doesn't have to worry about solution and trying to clean them, she just opens a new package every morning and puts them in."

For parents thinking about getting their kids the daily disposable contact lenses, remember you can't toss the glasses in the trash can. Doctors say it's important to always keep a pair handy. And they stress glasses will always be a primary means of vision correction.

Not everyone is a candidate for the daily disposable contact lenses. Those with certain stronger prescriptions most likely couldn't wear them.

As for Sydnee, she says they've made her life a lot easier.

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