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3 On Your Side: Traces of E.Coli found in Etowah drain water

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ETOWAH, TN. (WRCB) -- Rachel Evans has been in a stink with the City of Etowah, thanks to muddy sludge in her front yard.

It started last summer.

Now she is fed up and turning to the state for help.

"I'm expected to get down in this and mow and weed it," Evans says. "I'm just not going to do it anymore."

Gary Burriss with the Tennessee Environmental and Conservation Division checked for contamination.

It's not the smell that bothers him.

"I can't put an odor to it," Burriss says. "It is seeping out here and causing a mess to the front yard."

This is his second trip to the home after the first water sample raised red flags.

His samples found high traces of E. Coli that can make someone very sick.

"It is a cause of concern. You don't want to come in contact with water with E. Coli in it," he says.

Evans says the state asked the city to dig up the yard to check the sewer lines.

Burris says the dig helps find the source and helps figure who pays the cleanup bill.

"It depends on where the leak is. If it is on the sewer main then the city would have to repair it," Burris says. "If it is on the lateral to the home then the homeowner would repair those."

Burris also checked a nearby creek to see if the bacteria is flowing through the ditches into the neighborhood.

Evans says children have been playing in the water which also concerns her.

She's hoping the city doesn't turn a blind eye to the issue.

"It's like you call them and they say, 'it's your problem'," she says. "You deal with it."

Channel 3 contacted the Etowah Public Works department but have not heard back from them.

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