RHEA COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Authorities in Rhea County say a man survived being hit by a train but he will live the rest of his life without his legs. He was hit near Iowa Avenue in Dayton early Thursday morning.

Authorities say the man is very lucky to be alive. Amazingly after being hit by the train he is the one who called 911 for help.

"Actually the gentleman that got hit by the train was the one that called it in," says Lt. Jeff Hill with the Dayton Police Department.

Just after 2 o'clock Monday morning, Rhea County 911 got a call from 35-year-old Adam Moreland. He told them he had been run over by a train.

"He told the officers that he couldn't sleep, that he went out walking and that's the last that he remembered," says Hill.

Moreland's house is just a stone's throw away from the tracks. When emergency officials arrived they found one of his legs severed, the other badly mangled.

His wife told police he is on a lot of medication and has a history of having seizures. "We're thinking maybe that's what happened, that maybe he had a seizure and was laying on the side of tracks and had his legs up on the tracks," says Hill.

Hill says the way Moreland landed may have saved his life. He ended up with his head pointed down the hill, with blood rushing to his heart and to his brain.

"It's amazing that he is still alive. God must have been with him," says Bobbie Davis. Like many neighbors living along Railroad Street, Davis heard the screeching of the train.

"Only thing I heard was a big ole boom, like the train was trying to stop," says Davis.

"A lot people say, 'You can get out of the way, you can hear a train.' But sometimes it just doesn't work that way. And sometimes you just don't get out of the way quick enough," says Hill.

At this point, taking his medical condition into consideration, police are just calling this a horrible accident.
Moreland had to be flown to Erlanger. At last check he is still in critical condition.