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Audit results find money missing in Summerville

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SUMMERVILLE, GA. (WRCB) -- Some days it's a dirty job at Summerville's wastewater treatment plant, but it really stinks when money is missing from the plant's cash register.

After an audit, City Manager Russell Thompson says wastewater is nearly $2,000 short in payments to the city.

The audit did not state who was responsible.

"It is frustrating anytime you have money missing, especially public funds," Thompson says. "I mean, we are charged with being good stewards of the money."

When people come here to empty their septic systems they receive paperwork and then pay for how much they drop in the dump tank.

After the money went missing, there was no accountability.

Thompson says he talked with employees and the facility manager only to find out no one followed procedure. That cost the manager his job.

Thompson also changed the pay out policy.

He says now anyone dumping at the site, must come to city hall to pay.

His only problem now is finding out who took the cash. Thompson took the audit to the city police, the GBI, and the District Attorney's office. He was told there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute.

We put in calls to DA Buzz Franklin's office but he was unavailable for comment due to a court case.

Thompson says he will have to wait and see if the money turns up, but the city isn't spending another dime to chase it.

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