NIOTA, McMINN COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- Two Niota police officers were arrested for allegedly using excessive force on a suspect.

Channel 3 talked to the man at the center of the official oppression charge, to get his account of the incident.

The TBI arrested officers Jonathan Scott and Keith McCarter Friday night on oppression and conspiracy charges.

The charges stem from an incident last summer with Ray Stewart, who says he's been working tirelessly to get justice.
Ray Stewart lays out all of his research and conversations with state and local officials since last June.

"I believe I've uncovered a tremendous amount of misuse and abuse and public corruption here," Stewart says.
He says it all started when he made a U-turn on his moped when the officers, 22-year-old Jonathan Scott and 45-year-old Keith McCarter, pulled out of a truck stop and pulled him over.

When Stewart didn't have his registration, they followed him to where his mobile home used to be, to get it.

While inside, Stewart says he called 911 saying the officers were out of line. That's when he says things turned violent.

"Immediately grabbed onto me and began to attack me," says Stewart. "I went down in a pool of blood."
Stewart says the officers used excessive force, breaking several bones in his chest and arms, and injuring his head.

"My skull cracked and my blood and brains being scattered all over the floor," he says.
Stewart was arrested and faced a dozen charges, but they've all since been dismissed.

Following several months of an investigation, the TBI arrested officers Scott and McCarter Friday.

But Stewart says the oppression and conspiracy charges aren't enough.

"I'm hoping this is just the beginning and there are many more coming," he says.
Stewart says the aftermath of his injuries make it hard for him to find work as a crane operator, saying he faints a lot and has trouble moving his left arm.

Now he's living in a van and collecting aluminum cans off the side of the road to keep food on the table for his wife and daughter.

"We've lost nearly all of our possessions," Stewart says.

Channel 3 did reach out the Niota Police Department Saturday, but have not heard back.

Stewart says he's working closely with the TBI and hopes other McMinn County officials and deputies are also charged for the way he says, he was mistreated in jail.

Stay with for updates as they become available.