CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Two UTC football players are accused of stealing from classmates.

The pair was turned in months ago. Since then, campus police have been building a case, one that came to a head this week when the duo not only admitted to the crimes, but led authorities to the items they stole.

Daniel Brown and Brandon Leach learned Friday about the arrest of two classmates.

"Just regular freshmen," says Brown, a freshman himself. "We all hang out together, so you just don't see that coming from them."

The two freshman UTC football players turned themselves into campus police Wednesday.

Twenty-year-old Clim Robbins and 19-year-old Deron Thompson face 18 charges of theft and aggravated burglary.

"Most of the cases were where they had been invited in for a party or something, or because someone had just left their door unlocked," says university spokesperson, Chuck Cantrell. "It didn't seem to be about the monetary value so much, as it was about the thrill of the hunt."

Cantrell says the two freshman cornerbacks were cooperative.

"(They) actually confessed to some of the cases and have been working with campus police to retrieve some of the stolen items," Cantrell says.

The two-star recruits from Florida were red-shirted in 2011.
Coach Russ Huesman has now suspended them for the upcoming season, but Cantrell says their future with the team isn't clear.

"If the coach allows them to, then that's fine," Brandon Leach says. "If he doesn't, then they've got to deal with their mistakes."

Brown and Leach say everyone makes mistakes. They just worry mistakes like these give their school a bad name.

"UTC is a great school," Leach says. "Just because this happens, no one should think bad about us. Go Mocs."

Robbins and Thompson faced a student conduct hearing, where they were issued student penalties.

But federal student privacy laws prohibit the university from releasing the results.

Both are still enrolled.