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Catoosa break-in victim talks to Channel 3

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Tony Adams takes Channel 3 through his Meadows Subdivision home after he says 19-year-old Nathan Trew ransacked it.

"He just came back here to the back door, probably knew no one could see much in the back and that is when he kicked it in," Adam says.

Deputies locked down the neighborhood and joined the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to search for Trew.  
When Adams walked in the door says it looked like a bomb went off. "That was my first time seeing it. It looked like a hoarder lived here," he says. "It was so much stuff everywhere; you could not see the floor."

The sheriff's office says Trew locked the family dog in the garage, kicked in the back door and made his way from the basement, to the bedroom, stealing everything he could carry.

Adams says he lost four hand guns, jewelry, and coin collection. He even smashed a tv in the living room.

Adams says was in shock when he found out the 19-year-old hit another home nearby. Many of Adams' belongings were stuffed in pillow cases.

"Not sure if he did this quickly. He had to have been here an hour or so," Adam says.

Deputies chased Trew through a wooded area nearby where he yelled 'he wasn't going back to jail.'

Sheriff Phil Summers says Trew was ordered to drop the gun and some point pointed the gun at his head, then at deputies.  That when he was shot and killed by a single bullet.

The deputy who fired the shot is on administrative leave. He has been with the force for 14 years.

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